Meet Your Dentist in Warren, MI

Dr. Chirco.

Meet Doctor Milad Chirco

Dr. Milad Chirco is a graduate of two dental schools. The first one was from Baghdad University School of Dentistry where she got her BDS degree in 2002. The second school was Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. She was the Class President of International Students, graduating in 2010 and earning her DMD degree.

She’s a wife and mother of three beautiful children. Sophia is 11, Angela is 8, and Adam is 5 years old. When not working, Dr. Chirco enjoys listening to podcasts, and cooking and baking for family and friends.

Dr. Chirco is passionate about being holistic in general and in dentistry in particular, where she can help guide her patients to optimal oral and overall health. She continues to further her education by attending numerous continuing education courses with an emphasis on dental materials, technology, and oral breathing disorders. She’s also recognized as a certified Gold+ Invisalign provider.

Dr. Chirco Joined the IAOMT in 2019 and earned her Accreditation in 2021.