Dental Financing in Warren, MI

Get the Dental Care Your Family Deserves

Regular dental visits are essential to both your oral health and overall wellness. We understand that dental work can quickly add up and exceed your budget. To ensure all of our patients at Warren Family Dentistry receive the quality care they need, Dr. Behbood accepts a variety of payment methods and offers different dental financing plans. We’re also proud to offer an in-office dental savers plan.

Discover how our dental team can help you on your journey to a dazzling smile and pristine oral health below.

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Convenient Payment Options

Since dentistry plays such a large role in supporting total-body health, we believe that it’s important for patients to have access to dental services with flexible payment methods. Our Michigan dental team provides transparent, straightforward pricing and will walk you through your payment options to help you get the most bang for your buck.

We gladly accept the following payment methods:

  • Cash
  • Major Debit & Credit Cards
  • FSAs & HSAs
  • Dental Insurance
  • CareCredit®
  • Lending Point
  • Layaway

To learn more about the Layaway and Prepaid Dental plans that we have available, call us at (586) 574-9500.

Dental Insurance

Understanding the ins and outs of insurance can be confusing and overwhelming. However, our team has your back! Our experienced, knowledgeable financial coordinators will file, track, and update claims on your behalf. We can also contact your insurance provider to get information regarding your coverage for the treatments you need. We’ll do everything we can to maximize your benefits and minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

Prime Advantage Membership Plan

Are the costs of dental care a roadblock in achieving your best smile? At Warren Family Dentistry, we offer an in-house Prime Advantage membership plan to save you money. For one annual fee, you could save as much as $300 a year on routine treatments and exams. 

This is an excellent option for patients who don’t have insurance or need help paying for comprehensive dental care. Best of all, there’s no waiting period! The benefits start the moment you sign up, so you can start saving money on dental care right away. Call our Warren, MI office at (586) 574-9500 today to learn more.

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Financing Options


CareCredit is a third-party financing option. They’ll send approved users a CareCredit card that they can use to cover their dental treatment costs upfront. Then, the total amount owed is split into smaller, more manageable monthly payments with little to no interest. CareCredit helps make dental care accessible for patients with a wide range of budgets. Best of all, the application process is easy, and you’ll receive an instant decision. Learn more by visiting their website today.

LendingPoint Loans

With LendingPoint loans, patients can receive customized personal loans that include flexible payment terms up to 60 months and rates as low as 9.99 percent. With a short and simple application process, LendingPoint ensures that all customers get access to credit, eliminating the friction of a traditional lending process. LendingPoint loans can get you the dental care you need without breaking the bank.

Frequently Asked Questions

Affordable Dental Care at Warren Family Dentistry

We don’t want anyone’s oral health to suffer due to unaffordable dental care. At Warren Family Dentistry, Dr. Behbood and our team will go above and beyond to help you get the quality treatment you need at an affordable rate. To learn more about our dental financing options and payment plans, call our Warren office at (586) 574-9500. You can also request more information by filling out our online contact form.