Invisalign® Teen in Warren, MI

Straighten Your Teen’s Teeth Without Metal Braces!

Having a beautiful, straight smile can do wonders for a teenager’s confidence. With Invisalign Teen, offered by Dr. Sahel Behbood at Warren Family Dentistry, teens in Warren, MI, can get the smile they’ve always wanted. Invisalign clear aligners are more discreet and comfortable than traditional metal braces, offering many benefits for self-conscious teenagers. 

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What Is Invisalign Teen?

Invisalign Teen is a system of clear, removable aligners that straighten teeth without metal wires or brackets. The custom-fit aligners are made of smooth, comfortable plastic and are virtually invisible when worn. They apply gentle forces to move teeth into their ideal positions gradually.

Invisalign Teen works similarly to traditional braces but has significant advantages. The clear aligners are less noticeable, more comfortable, and removable for eating, brushing, and flossing. How long it takes to complete the Invisalign process averages nine to 18 months. Teens switch to a new set of aligners every one to two weeks until treatment is complete.

young girl holding up her Invisalign aligners.

Benefits of Invisalign Teen

Invisalign Teen offers many benefits for teenagers over traditional braces:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: Invisalign aligners are nearly invisible, with no metal wires or brackets. This improves self-confidence during treatment.
  • Removable: Aligners can be removed for eating, brushing, and flossing. This makes keeping teeth and aligners clean much easier.
  • Comfort: The smooth plastic is comfortable and does not irritate the mouth like metal braces often do.
  • Shorter Treatment Time: The average treatment time is only nine to 18 months, up to 50 percent faster than braces.
  • No Restrictions: Invisalign does not affect playing instruments, sports, or other activities like metal braces.
  • Clear Speech: Without brackets and wires, speech isn’t obstructed during treatment.

With advantages like these, it’s easy to see why Invisalign Teen is a popular choice for straightening smiles discreetly and comfortably.

Invisalign Teen Candidacy

Invisalign Teen suits most teenagers with mild to moderate alignment issues. Good candidates have healthy teeth and gums and fully erupted permanent teeth. The system can treat crowded teeth, large gaps, crooked teeth, and overbites or underbites.

Dr. Behbood conducts a thorough exam to determine if Invisalign Teen is ideal for your teen’s orthodontic needs. Digital imaging creates 3D models of the teen’s teeth to plan custom treatment. X-rays, photos, and impressions of the teeth are also taken.

Invisalign Teen works well for teens who:

  • Want a discreet treatment method
  • Have crowded or crooked teeth
  • Have spacing between teeth
  • Have stable tooth eruption
  • Are responsible enough to wear aligners properly

Some cases that require complex tooth movements or rotations are better suited for braces. Dr. Behbood discusses all options to find the best treatment plan.

The Invisalign Teen Process


The initial visit will assess if your teen is a good candidate. X-rays, photos, and digital scans are taken before beginning the Invisalign process.

Custom Treatment Plan

Using the Invisalign technology, Dr. Behbood maps out the precise tooth movements needed, from start to finish. A series of custom aligners are then made for your teen based on the treatment plan.

Wearing Aligners

Your teen will switch to a new set of aligners approximately every two weeks. Aligners must be worn 22 hours per day for the best results. We’ll monitor your progress every four to six weeks. New scans can help us adjust treatment if necessary.

Retention Phase

Once teeth have straightened, your teen will wear retainers to prevent teeth from shifting back.

With convenient appointments every four to six weeks, the entire process takes about a year on average. Dr. Behbood and their team provide support, advice, and adjustments throughout treatment.

Caring for Invisalign Teen

Proper aligner care is essential during Invisalign Teen treatment:

  • Wear aligners for 20 to 22 hours, only removing them for eating and brushing. This ensures teeth move as planned.
  • Brush and floss thoroughly each day before re-inserting aligners. Keeping aligners and teeth clean prevents damage.
  • Rinse aligners with water whenever removed. Clean them weekly with denture cleaner.
  • Use chewies to help seat aligners fully against teeth after insertion.
  • Keep aligners safe in the case when out of the mouth to prevent loss or damage.
  • Check for cracks or breakage and avoid extreme temperatures. Contact our office for replacement if needed.
  • Attend all scheduled monitoring visits for progress checks and aligner adjustments or replacements.

With good aligner habits and regular dental visits, teens can complete treatment successfully. The rewards are well worth the effort for an amazing new smile!

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Get Your Teen’s Best Smile with Invisalign in Warren, MI

Invisalign Teen is an excellent way for your teen to achieve the straighter smile they’ve always desired. With treatment from Dr. Behbood, your teen will gain confidence and improve oral health. Call Warren Family Dentistry today at (586) 574-9500 to schedule a consultation

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